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My name is Lon Purvis, and I am president of Purvis Investments, a registered investment adviser company in Martinez, Georgia. I began managing accounts in 1991 and added a timing service in 2001. Developing market timing systems has been a hobby of mine for over 20 years. My previous career was with AT&T and Bellsouth, where I spent thirty years with the last fifteen years as a facility engineer. If I can help you manage your savings and investments, I would like to serve you. I will also help you manage your existing 401Ks and savings plans. If you desire, I will also send you my timing signals for your 401ks. These signals can to be implemented to be aggressive with your investments when the market appears to be strong and move back to your fixed option when the market is weaker.

My timing signal is is a blend of the timing methods I have found. However, I must caution that it is not perfect. Timing signals are not a substitute for investment advice.

In closing, let me say that the best advice I have ever received was to joyfully give 10% of my earnings to the Lord and to save 10%. That advice has resulted in a blessed life. I would like the same for you. If I can serve you in any way please give me a call.

Have a blessed day,

Eulon (Lon) Purvis


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